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Due to condiment packet shortage, McDonald's to now pump ketchup directly into bag

Nashville, TN - As thousands of restaurants turned to packaged condiments during the pandemic, the increased demand has led to a severe shortage of ketchup packets across the United States.

To address the packet shortage, McDonald's announced on Tuesday that they would begin pumping ketchup directly into customer's bags for the foreseeable future.

Customers had mixed reactions to the news.

"I'm lovin' it," said one McDonald's regular. "It's so much better for the environment than all that plastic. I hope this is permanent even after the shortage."

Others were not so happy. One woman said the new distribution method ruined her new white dress and demanded the restaurant pay for her dry cleaning.

It is unclear if other fast-food chains will follow suit, but Captain D's says they are looking at a similar solution for tartar sauce.

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