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Due to lumber shortage, Renaissance festival knights will joust with pool noodles

Covington Glen, TN - The lumber shortage that has gripped the U.S. for weeks is now impacting the nation's beloved Renaissance festivals.

The sky-rocketing cost of wood has made it unfeasible to purchase the lances traditionally used in the jousting competition. According to sources, festival organizers have mitigated the issue by replacing all wooden lances with pool noodles.

In another local story, a Dollar General cashier says a man wearing full armor, medical mask, and broad sword purchased every pool noodle in the store at the beginning of May.

"He bought all our 6-foot noodles and wiped us out of crazy glue," said the employee. "Then he took off on a horse."

It is still unclear if the two stories are connected.

This is a developing story.

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