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Crash victim uses last ounce of will to reach cell phone, check Facebook likes

Man crawls 50 yards to call 911, check Facebook

Mt. Juliet resident, Brian Jacobs, is in critical condition tonight after a distracted driver, going the wrong way on I-40 West, struck his car head-on.

Witnesses say that Jacobs was ejected from his vehicle along with his cell phone and other personal items. The severely injured man then crawled nearly 50 yards through razor-sharp shards of glass and debris to retrieve his phone and check the number of Facebook likes for a recent

video post.

According to friends, Jacob had posted a humorous video earlier that day featuring himself lip-syncing to "Old Town Road" while carrying a miniature pony on his back. A good Samaritan who called 911, told reporters, "He had the video playing on repeat when I got to him. I watched it twice while giving him CPR. It's really funny." Emergency workers confirmed that the video is funny and expect that it will go viral.

In a surprising development, there is evidence to suggest that the distracted driver, now identified as Sam Herman of Cookeville, was watching Jacob's video when he collided with Jacob's car. Officers say Herman had shared the video just seconds before the crash and given it the Haha emoji.

The video is doing well with over 220K views, 1.3K likes and 3.5K shares. Both drivers remain in critical condition.

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