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Electoral college roommate shows up drunk to 4-year reunion

Frankfort, Kentucky - An unnamed Kentucky electorate found himself embarrassed on Monday when his old electoral college roommate, Jimmy, showed up drunk to their 4-year reunion.

"It may have been cool back in the day, but 2020 is different. I thought he would have grown up by now," said the electorate.

Surveillance footage shows Jimmy Booneman staggering into the Kentucky Supreme Court House on Monday before asking a custodian if it was a cash or open bar. Several of the attendees say he smelled of bourbon.

After placing a vote for Kanye West, Booneman reportedly began shouting, "Where's the band? Tell them to play Free Bird," before passing out in a corner.

Booneman was promptly escorted out of the building and placed in an Uber by security.

It is unclear if Kanye will receive the vote or not.

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