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Engineer deems Memphis bridge 'good to go' after intricate duct tape repair

Memphis, TN - Memphis traffic came to a halt earlier this week when a cracked steel beam was discovered on an I-40 bridge crossing the Mississippi River.

Initially, inspectors said repairs could take weeks, but now reports suggest the bridge is ready to reopen thanks to an ingenious solution from the city's newest recruit.

Buddy Smith was on the first hour of his new job as a city engineer when crews identified the bridge crack.

"I heard it come through the radio and went over to have a look," Smith told reporters. "The moment I saw it, I remembered a trick my dad taught me."

Witnesses say Smith climbed down the structure with nothing more than a roll of duct tape and proceeded to repair the bridge in a matter of minutes.

"Good to go," Smith yelled as he finished the repair. "Open her back up."

Inspectors say they are not quite ready to give the "all clear" but admit the duct tape seems to be holding well.

The repair will next enter the critical testing phase. The city is currently looking for volunteers to drive across the bridge in increasing numbers and weight.

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