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Enterprising kid sells off lame Christmas toys from grandma to buy cool stuff he actually wanted

Nashville, TN - According to sources, it only took 3-year-old, Kenny Landry, four days to sell off all the lame toys he got from his grandmother for Christmas to raise enough money to buy some cool stuff he actually wanted this year.

The enterprising young man reportedly used a variety of outlets to sell the unwanted gifts including his father's Craigslist and eBay accounts, as well as a local playground swap meet on Saturday morning.

Sales records show that Kenny not only sold the items, but in most cases, earned more than market value. If you add in the padded the shipping rates, Kenny earned 117% profit on his sold items.

Kenny's mother told reporters, "What can I say? Kenny knows what he wants and is now learning how to get it. The hard part is lying to Grandma when she keeps asking if he likes his gifts. It would break her heart if she knew he sold them."

The Inquisitor reached out to Granny Landry for comment and can now confirm she was very upset when at the news.

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