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Ever-humble, Jeff Bezos says he's still the same person at $200 billion as he was at $150B

Los Angeles, CA - This week, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos became the first person in history to amass a $200 billion fortune. What's changed since reaching the new milestone? Not Jeff Bezos.

When congratulated on the achievement, Bezos reportedly told a group of family and friends, "Thank you. But, listen, I'm still the same person at $200 billion as I was at $150 billion. Nothing's changed."

Bezos went on to say that he still has someone put his pants on one leg at a time every morning, he's still driving the same old Lamborghini to work every day, and still lives in the same $165 million home he did when he had $50 billion less.

When asked how he plans to celebrate the accomplishment, Bezos said he may take his girlfriend out to a nice Italian restaurant in Milan or possibly buy a small country.

Bezos' current net worth is estimated at $204.6 billion, give or take a billion.

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