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Life Coach with 93 followers will teach you his secrets to success for only $29

Nashville, TN - An internet Life Coach with 93 followers is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the secrets to his success for only $29 plus tax.

The power-house course which usually retails for $1,650 will show you how to transform your life in only 8-weeks.

"When I started out, I was a nobody," Barry Smith says in the introductory video. "Now, look at me."

Smith says there's no better time to change your life than during this time of anxiety and uncertainty. "If you are sitting at home in your underwear like the rest of us, you have no excuse not to buy my course. So get off your "Buts" and let's build your empire, together."

According to Smith's website, the inspiring course covers eight life-changing topics:

Week 1: Your Dreams are Invitations- RSVP Now

Week 2: Holy Goal-y, Batman

Week 3: "One Small Step" is for Astronauts and Babies

Week 4: Seize the Day before It Seizes You

Week 5: If you Snooze-It, You Lose-It, So Don't Dooze-It

Week 6: There's No Crying in Life-ball

Week 7: The Finish Line is Not Finished with You

Week 8: Almost Home - My 12-week Course Will Get You There

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