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Facebook user who publicly posts every minute detail of personal life outraged over leak

Nashville, TN - Facebook user Katie Adams expressed her extreme outrage yesterday after learning some of her personal information was stolen and leaked on a hacker-run website.

In one public post, Adams wrote, "Those hacker jerks posted my phone number on their stupid site. Thanks, Facebook! Fortunately, they only got my old number. Losers! My new number is 555-0149 for anyone who doesn't have it."

Adams, who is known to share every minute detail of her personal life daily, says the Facebook leak is an invasion of her privacy. She is demanding a personal apology from Mark Zuckerberg.

Adams wrote in another public post, "Dear Mark, I feel like you owe me a formal letter of apology for not protecting my information. You can send it to or mail it to 289 Sugar Reef Ct., Nashville TN 37201."

She went on to say, "And to make sure you send it to the right Katie Adams, my SS# is 389-00-8662."

According to Adams, Zuckerberg has yet to respond to her apology request, but she is checking her messages hourly from Cancun's Royal Dunes Resort, Room 423.

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