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Family that refused to tell grandma rolls were still frozen finds great Black Friday deal on dental

Nashville, TN - The Smith family was relieved to find a great deal on dental work this morning after refusing to hurt grandma's feelings and tell her the dinner rolls she served for Thanksgiving were still completely frozen.

"It would have ruined Thanksgiving," Bill Smith told reporters. "Grandma has been really sensitive about her cooking since she forgot to cook the turkey a couple of years ago and we all got salmonella poisoning."

Bill's wife, Angie, continued by saying that despite the extreme oral pain that she and her family have been experiencing, they made the right decision. "Grandma won't always be with us, so a few rounds of dental surgery and a couple of liquified meals through straws are a small price to pay for her happiness."

The Inquisitor reached out to Grandma Smith about the frozen roll situation but she was too upset to comment.

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