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FB friend's mid-birthday 'Thanks for the wishes' post just blatant call for more wishes

Nashville, TN - According to sources, a local Facebook friend posted a "thank you for the wishes" message half-way through his birthday today in a blatant attempt to get more wishes.

The post, which shows a timestamp of 1:30 p.m. Eastern, reads, "Thank you to all who took the time to wish me a happy birthday today! Can't believe it's almost over!"

"He's definitely trying to stir up more birthday wishes," said one friend. "It's kind of sad."

This isn't the first time that the Facebook friend in question has used the social media platform to garner positive vibes. A careful review of his wall shows similar calls for wishes on his college graduation day, his first day at a new job, and when he won a regional hot dog eating contest.

So far, the mid-birthday post has resulted in two additional wishes. Check back later today for complete coverage and a final count of positive thoughts.

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