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Filthy rich uncle generously gives entire family his password to Disney+ for Christmas

Nashville, TN - The Carter household got the surprise of a lifetime on Monday night when the wealthiest member of their family, Uncle Mark, generously gave them each his Disney+ password.

Bill Carter, Mark's older brother, told journalists, "Wow! I don't know what to say right now. This is completely unexpected and we're humbled."

An anonymous family member reported that Mark usually just stops by for a few minutes to drop off a cheese tray before flying off to his winter home in St. Lucia. So, the Disney+ password and 15-minute visit was an unprecedented act of kindness.

One explanation for the lavish gift and extended visit is Carter's recent sale of his $35 million Nashville startup, MC Holdings (MCH). Tax records show that MCH is just one company in Carter's vast portfolio of businesses.

Uncle Mark even asked his big brother for a ride to the airport so they could spend more time together before his private flight to the Caribbean.

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