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Friends new engagement photos not nearly as good as ones from last marriage

Lebanon, TN - Friends of Trent Johnson unanimously agreed today that the engagement pictures he posted on Facebook earlier this morning with his new fiancé, Brenda, were not nearly as good as the photos from his last marriage.

Long-time friend, Gary Evans, told The Inquisitor, "Please don't print this, but the pictures he took with Karla seemed much more professional. Who took these? His mom?"

According to sources, the images were indeed taken by Trent's mother, Lucinda Johnson, in a small wooded area behind the Lebanon Walgreens. The photos were then processed at the Walgreens Photo Center and put on a disc for the happy couple.

Rhonda Owens-Johnson, who was married to Trent for almost ten months in 2016, commented on the photos via Facebook, "Really classy shots, Trent! Nice to see you went all out this time. Fourth time's a charm, right? Or is this the fifth? I can't wait to see pics from the wedding. Will it be in your mom's backyard again?"

According to the aforementioned sources, the wedding will indeed be held in the backyard of Lucinda Johnson's Lebanon home later this year. Invitations are forthcoming.

The Inquisitor reached out to Johnson for comment, but his number was out of service. We also reached out to Brenda, Karla, Rhonda, Charlene and Mai Lee, but no one returned our calls by the time of this printing.

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