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G7 action figures already hottest toy of summer

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Cornwall, UK - According to Hot Toys Magazine, the G7 Action Figures Collector Set is already the hottest selling toy of the summer, just hours after the summit of world leaders started.

Pre-orders on Amazon were sold out within minutes, and Target's G7 toys page crashed due to high traffic.

"Pre-orders of the G7 Collection are already outpacing the Avengers, Star Wars, and Justice League toy sales combined," said one toy industry executive. "This makes Play Station 5 pre-orders look like a joke."

Along with the 9-figure set, toy manufacturers are working on a cross-platform video game, YA book series, and an animated feature to be released on Paramount+.

Retailers say they hope to replenish supplies by the end of the month and will institute a new lottery system as soon as they come available.

It is unclear when the collection will ship.

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