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Garth Brooks vows to give private concerts to all 350K ticket holders of canceled tour

Nashville, TN - Just hours after canceling a 5-city stadium tour due to safety concerns, Garth Brooks announced that he plans to give all 350,000 ticket holders of the canceled tour a private house concert.

"Garth knows you are disappointed, so Garth is going to make it up to you," said Garth. "I'm not only coming to your city. I'm coming to your house."

There are few details at this point, but sources say that the country legend wants to perform a 30-minute socially distanced show at each home with a 5-minute encore and 10-minute meet & greet.

It is unclear if ticket holders will need to schedule a performance or if Brooks will just show up at homes unannounced.

It is also unclear what concessions will be available or if merchandising tables will be set up for souvenirs.

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