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Garth fan furious after man blocks perfect view from nosebleed section

Nashville, TN - The reviews are in for Garth Brooks' Nissan Stadium concert on Saturday night, and fans are raving about the legendary showman's incredible performance.

Still, at least one concertgoer took to social media to express disappointment in the show, although no fault to Brooks.

"Garth sounded amazing, but I couldn't see a thing thanks to the big jerk in front of us. He ruined what would have otherwise been a perfect view from the last row of the 327 section. I'm so angry," wrote the fan.

Witnesses say the woman tried switching seats with her husband and repeatedly attempted to look around the man, but his constant line dancing made it impossible to see anything except the back of his head. Eventually, she just gave up and just sat down.

"Of course, I'm mad but it's a lesson learned. Next time, I'll splurge on seats in the front row of the 300 level," said the woman.

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