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Genius pet owner recreates living room in front yard to train dog to go outside

Nashville, TN - After weeks of unsuccessful attempts to potty-train his new puppy Yennefer, Chase Herman got creative. With a quick trip to Ikea, he created an exact replica of his living room in his front yard to make going outside more familiar.

Herman told reporters, "Well, I've noticed for weeks that Yenny consistently likes going on the rug in the living room. So it just hit me that I should get her one for outside. It just grew from there."

Herman says he was able to find exact copies of his couch, end table, lamp, and rug but had to search eBay for a matching coffee table. It is scheduled for delivery next week, along with a match for his 75-inch TV.

"At this point, it's going to be trial and error," said Herman. "She usually likes to go when I'm watching sports, so if that's a deal-breaker, I may need to run power outside and expand my internet to the front yard to stream the channels. We'll see."

As of Sunday morning, Yenny had successfully gone outside two of the last twenty trips, a welcome improvement.

The space is also quickly becoming a fan favorite for other dogs in the neighborhood, and several neighbors say Herman has inspired them to do the same for their dogs.

"Bessy really likes going in the dining room, so I'm looking for a table and china cabinet," said one neighbor.

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