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Georgia Democrats fully support GOP boycott of voting in January runoff

Atlanta, GA - In a rare show of unity, Democrats say they fully support a growing movement by Georgia Republicans to boycott voting in the January Senate runoff.

Georgia GOP activist Charles Hammond IV told reporters at an Atlanta protest, "If the DemoRats want to steal this election, they'll have to do it without us. I urge all Republicans to join me and rise up against the corruption and fraud. Do not vote on January 5."

A DNC spokesperson says the organization applauds Republicans for their strong stance against fraud and they will completely respect and support the voting boycott by the Georgia GOP.

"While our parties don't always see eye to eye, I think we can all agree that if Republicans believe elections are rigged, there's no point in voting on January 5," said the spokesperson.

On Friday, CNN reported that President Trump is encouraging Republicans to go to the polls despite saying the election system is completely corrupt.

Hammond says, "CNN is saying that President Trump wants us to vote in this rigged election, but don't believe the fake news. Stay home and don't vote."

A defiant Hammond says he plans to spend every waking moment over the next four weeks ensuring that no Georgia Republicans head to the polls on January 5.

"We're going to show them," said Hammond.

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