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Georgia selects legendary vote-counter Millie O'Malley to hand count all 5 million ballots

Atlanta, GA - Georgia election officials announced on Thursday that the committee has selected legendary vote-counter Millie O'Malley to hand count the state's five million ballots.

O'Malley, who first served as the lead vote counter in the Hoover election of 1929, continued her impeccable career through the '60s until she retired from active counting after Nixon's first election.

Georgia officials told reporters, "We feel Mrs. O'Malley's track record of accuracy and integrity makes her the perfect non-partisan candidate to recount our states five million ballots."

O'Malley will perform the count by hand in her kitchen while both Republican and Democrat observers stand nearby to ensure both parties are comfortable with the recount.

It is unclear how long the count will take, but O'Malley is known for her counting speed and is a 6-time ballot-counting champion. In her prime, O'Malley could complete one ballot every 46.3 seconds, but it is unclear if she can still perform at that level in 2020.

We reached out to O'Malley for comment, but she was busy watching Wheel of Fortune.

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