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Giant cicada, Mitch McConnell photobomb CNN reporter live on air

Washington, DC - CNN reporter Manu Raju had a heck of time reporting on Friday when a giant cicada and Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell photobombed his live broadcast from the Capitol.

A cameraman first noticed the unwelcome pest and alerted Raju. "Manu, don't look now, but Mitch McConnell is right behind you," the cameraman can be heard saying in the clip.

Instinctively, Raju did look before returning to his broadcast. A second later, a colossal cicada entered the frame and rested on the reporter's shoulder. Raju quickly threw his microphone and took off running.

Witnesses say Raju was yelling, "I can't shake them," as he ran around the Capitol grounds with Mitch McConnell following close behind. CNN cut away to the anchor desk.

Eventually, Capitol Security helped free Raju from both, and he was able to continue his report.

It is still unclear if McConnell and the cicada were working together to disrupt the broadcast or if it was mere coincidence.

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