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Giant orange baby thrilled to meet balloon caricature of himself

Nashville, TN - 13-month-old, Jessie Cruthers of Brentwood, Tennessee, had the best day of his life today when he came face to face with, well...himself.

The giant orange baby and his parents were driving through downtown Nashville when Jessie spotted a 20-foot helium balloon of himself floating near the Music City Center. Jessie's mom said the tangerine-tinged toddler got very animated, pointed out the window, and kept saying, "Momma, Me? Me?"

Jessie's dad, Herb Cruthers, stopped the car so the large coral-shaded infant could take a photo with the balloon. Herb told reporters, "This is amazing. The resemblance to Jessie is uncanny. He doesn't often see other people that look like him, unless you count the Oompa Loompas. Hopefully, this will help him realize it's okay to be different and people will like him exactly the way he is."

Not even a second later, in an ironic turn of events, the balloon was hammered with rotten vegetables and beer bottles from passing teenagers. The Cruthers family quickly left the scene, trying to shield their son from the assault on his latex likeness.

Sheila Cruthers reportedly comforted her son, telling him, "It's okay Jessie, you're going to show everyone. Who knows, one day you might even be President."

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