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GOP proposes emergency bill to add hamburgers to 2nd Amendment

Washington, DC - Senator Lindsey Graham and fellow GOP lawmakers are proposing an emergency bill to add hamburgers to the 2nd Amendment after recent Fox News reported, then retracted, a story that President Biden wants to limit the number of hamburgers Americans consume.

Speaking at a special session, Graham told lawmakers, “I don’t care if the story is real. We must act now. Biden and the left are coming for your guns, and they’re coming for your burgers. I just know it.”

Joining Graham, the Hamburglar gave an impassioned speech on why Congress needs to act with urgency to protect American’s fundamental human right to eat cheeseburgers.

“Robble, Robble, America,” said the Hamburglar.

The hearings are expected to continue into Tuesday afternoon, with a vote as early as Wednesday morning.

In the meantime, sales of hamburgers have skyrocketed after the story first broke.

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