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Governor Bill Lee super-sizes quarantine order; Now with 50% more 'stay-at-home'

Nashville, TN - Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced on Monday that he is super-sizing his quarantine order and citizens will now enjoy 50% more "stay-at-home."

A spokesperson for the Governor told reporters, "Governor Lee feels that the extra 'stay-at-home' is a great value to Tennesseans and frankly, who couldn't use more time locked down with their families in close quarters?"

While most feel it it is the right decision, many Tennesseans are concerned about what the bonus "stay-at-home" will do to their relationships and waist-lines.

One man said, "If my wife doesn't kill me, the 3-bag-a-day Dorito habit I've developed certainly will take me down."

Governor Lee's Order #24 is up and in place until April 30, but time will tell if there is a SUPER super-sized offering later this month.

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Good Mental Health is No Joke

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