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Hands-free, TN? New Uber Passenger™ app lets you hire stranger to hold phone while you drive

This week, Uber announced the release of a revolutionary new service called Uber Passenger™. The new app which works similar to the traditional Uber app, lets drivers find nearby strangers to ride along with them while running errands, commuting to work or longer road trips.

Uber executives believe this is the perfect solution for Tennesseans still struggling with the new hands-free cell phone laws that went into effect on July 1. A local spokesperson for the company told us, "All Uber Passengers are trained on all major cell phone models. You can ask them to look up something for you on Google, send texts, make calls or simply hold your phone while you watch your favorite TV shows while driving. All without breaking the hands-free law."

One Beta tester said, "It's great. I picked up this guy, Burt, and he helped me book a flight on my way to the dentist. He even spent a half-hour talking to my mother-in-law for me. I would pay triple for that. Can't wait to pick up my next one."

Uber says Passenger™ rates start at $7.50 for a quick trip across town, during non-surge periods. XL passengers are also available on the app for an additional fee. All Passenger™ associates complete competency tests and receive a thorough background screening.

Uber Passenger™ is expected to go live later this month.


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