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'Grogu' tops most popular baby name for 2020

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Corvus, KY - According to a new report, "Grogu" is officially the most popular baby name of 2020. Surprisingly, it holds the top spot for both boys and girls.

Here are the Top 5 baby names for 2020 as of November 27:


  1. Grogu

  2. Oliver

  3. Liam

  4. Ethan

  5. Jambalaya


  1. Grogu

  2. Charlotte

  3. Ava

  4. Amelia

  5. Nutella

The study finds the name is even more prominent among parents where the father is heavily involved in the naming process.

At the time of this printing, the origins of the name are still unclear. It is also unclear why it has sprung to prominence virtually overnight.

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