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Heavily hyped Mt. Juliet yard sale just one sad stack of James Patterson novels

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Sad stack of James Patterson novels

Mt. Juliet, TN - This past week, a member of the popular Facebook group, Hip Mt. Juliet, spent days hyping her upcoming yard sale near Hwy. 70. On Friday alone, LaceyAnn32 posted three times, claiming the sale would be the "yard sale of century."

The excitement grew to a crescendo on Saturday when nearly 100 shoppers showed up at the listed address expecting to find tables over-flowing with highly-coveted treasures like crock pots, knick knacks and exercise equipment. What they found, instead, was one small stack of James Patterson novels lying in the dew-damp grass.

"I was so disappointed," said one shopper, "We drove all the way from Lebanon for this. She didn't even put them on a table." Other shoppers expressed their anger by ripping down her yard sale signs on trees along her street. One couple threatened to call the police if Lacey didn't bring out more items from inside her home to sell them. Lacey eventually gave in, selling off an old spice rack and half-used candle for a dollar each.

LaceyAnn32, who has since deleted her posts and left the group, told reporters, "I didn't mean to mislead anyone. I just assumed everyone loves James Patterson as much as me, so to me, this was the 'yard sale of the century.' I apologize to all those shoppers I disappointed. I will do better next time."

LaceyAnn32, has reportedly now joined Hip Lebanon, and members are closely monitoring her group activity for any misleading yard sale related posts.

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