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Heroic dad uses torch to lead family to snack drawer during power outage

Nashville, TN - Local dad Jim Crothers is being lauded as a hero after he bravely used a torch to lead his family to the snack drawer during last night's power outage.

According to witnesses, Crothers jumped into action the moment the power went out in his South Nashville home. Neighbors saw him in the garage crafting a torch from a stick, gasoline, and an old t-shirt. Moments later, he rushed back into the house to his wife and two children.

"We could see the torch moving between the windows. And we saw the family follow him from the basement to the pantry and back to the basement," said one neighbor. "They were clearly getting snacks."

The Crothers' children later confirmed on social media that their father let them have as many snacks as they wanted during the power outage.

Crothers is taking the praise in stride, telling reporters, "It's all just part of being a dad."

It is unclear why Crothers chose a torch over his cellphone flashlight.

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