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Historians disagree who really won 1789 rap battles between Hamilton and Jefferson

Hamilton the Musical arrived on Disney Plus on July 3 to great fanfare and even greater controversy surrounding the historical accuracy of the Broadway spectacular.

Two of the most debated events portrayed in the play are the 1789 rap battles between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.

"We do know that Hamilton and Jefferson had at least two rap battles," says historian Mark Lafayette. "What we don't know is who actually won either of the challenges."

Hamilton scholar Robert Schuyler argues that Hamilton clearly won the first battle regarding the establishment of the national bank by the simple fact that the U.S. did indeed establish the organization.

US. Revolution historian John Burr says not so fast. "If you take the time to read the historical records, you'll see that Hamilton was defeated in every battle he ever took part in."

Schuyler vehemently disagrees and has challenged Burr to a duel on July 11 in New Jersey.

Burr has reportedly accepted.

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