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How Disney used CGI to remove Adam Driver's hindquarters in STAR WARS

Los Angeles, CA - Just days after a Burberry fragrance ad revealed Adam Driver has centaurism, Disney announced plans for a documentary showing how the company used CGI to remove Driver's hindquarters for STAR WARS Episodes VII, VIII, IX.

The two-hour behind-the-scenes feature will show how visual effects artists used advanced techniques to seamlessly composite Driver into scenes without any trace of his tail end.

"It was a painstaking process," said Visual Effects Supervisor Dave Crothers. "Fortunately, one of our producers also has centaurism, so he was indispensable in helping us to pull off these complex shots."

The special will also show how directors used creative camera angles and set placements to obscure Driver's haunch.

The documentary is scheduled to be released on Disney+ on August 21.

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