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Hulked-out Tom Brady tranquilized on sideline after smashing rampage

Tampa, FL - A hulked-out Tom Brady was tranquilized on the Buccaneers' sideline after a smashing rampage caused $1,000,000 worth of damage to Raymond James Stadium.

What started as a frustrated quarterback breaking a Microsoft Surface tablet escalated into a full-blown uproar after Tampa Bay was shut out by the New Orleans Saints, 9-0.

Witnesses say they heard the seven-time Super Bowl champion yelling, "Brady smash," over and over as he ravaged the sideline and then took down a jumbotron.

Fortunately, security officials were able to tranquilize the athlete before anyone was injured. A calmer Tom Brady apologized and agreed to pay for the damage hours later. No charges have been filed.

This is a developing story.

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