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In brilliant PR move to show softer side, Matt Gaetz agrees to take Florida teen to prom

Fort Walton Beach, FL - Congressman Matt Gaetz is often described as brash... controversial...a firebrand. But now, thanks to a new PR campaign, America will soon get to see a softer side of the Florida representative.

According to a spokesperson, Rep. Gaetz hopes to soften his image by attending senior prom with a local Florida high school student.

"It's time America gets to know the real Matt Gaetz," said the aide. "The selfless, kind-hearted Floridian who is willing to take an 18-year-old hometown cheerleader to Olive Garden and her senior prom."

The spokesperson made it a point to reiterate that the lucky girl is 18 and assured the press repeatedly that Gaetz was only attending the prom as a publicity stunt to raise money and had no romantic involvement with the student.

According to reports, Gaetz is not only taking the young woman to prom but generously sent her $900 through Venmo to buy a dress.

The spokesperson did not give the teen's name, and Gaetz declined our request for comment.

The Enchanted Forrest prom is scheduled for Saturday, May 1.

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