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In event of rain, Nashville fireworks to be moved inside Bridgestone Arena

Nashville, TN - Despite a precipitation-free forecast, Nashville city officials announced their rain plan on Saturday for the Let Freedom Sing! fireworks display and concert.

"In the unlikely event of rain on Sunday night, we will move all fireworks and musical performances inside the Bridgestone Arena," said a spokesperson.

The spokesperson went on to say that Nashville is firmly committed to hosting the display after festivities were canceled in 2020. The fireworks display is set to be the largest in the nation and last approximately 30 minutes.

It is unclear how the city would fit the 400,000 expected attendees into an arena that only holds 20,000, but many Facebooks users have offered their suggestions.

"I think the fairest thing to do is divide the 400,000 into 20 groups of 20,000. Then take turns letting each group into Bridgestone to see 1.5 minutes of the 30-minute show."

At the time of this posting, the suggestion had received over three likes.

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