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In hopes of Trump pardon, Joe Exotic ready with ski mask and ticket to see Carole Baskin

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Fort Worth, TX - According to reports, Tiger King's Joe Exotic is ready with a ski mask and bus ticket to see Carole Baskin if President Trump pardons him later today.

"I've learned my lesson," said Exotic after two years in prison. "No more hired help. They talk too much. You got to do it yourself."

Despite his attorneys' advice, Exotic has been running subtle ads on Craigslist seeking a camera crew to follow him to Florida should he be pardoned.

One of his more discreet ads reads, "Hey y'all. This is Joe Exotic. I need a camera crew to follow me to Carole f#@&ing Baskin's place on January 19-20. I'm going to settle a score, and I want it all on tape. Top dollar if we can get it on Netflix."

It is still unclear if the Tiger King will receive a pardon, but he has offered Trump an executive producer credit on the new as an incentive.

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