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In show of support, Aaron Rodgers suits up to watch Packers game from couch

Green Bay, Wisconsin - Aaron Rodgers isn't letting his current situation stop him from his game-day ritual. According to reports, the NFL MVP got up early on Sunday, hit the home gym, then spent an hour running plays with his wife in the backyard.

A neighbor told reporters he saw Rodgers launch a 50-yarder to Shailene Woodley, who caught it with ease, remarking, "She looked strong. They should sign her up."

About an hour later, members of the media stationed outside Rodgers' home spotted the quarterback through an upstairs window, putting on his shoulder pads and helmet.

"From what we can tell, Aaron Rodgers just suited up in his full protective gear," said the reporter. "It is unclear why at this time."

An anonymous source inside the home says Rodgers is currently in the downstairs family room watching tapes of the Kansas City defense and chatting with Joe Rogan.

In an exclusive interview, the source said, "From what I could hear, he told Joe he put on the pads in a show of support for his team. He plans to watch the game from the couch... Hey, I have to go. Mr. Rodgers wants pizza rolls."

The Green Bay Packers take on the Kansas City Chiefs at 3:25 p.m. Central.

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