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Insomniac cat only sleeping 15 hours a day

Nashville, TN - A local cat who has been experiencing a bout of insomnia for the past few weeks has only been sleeping 15 hours a day, according to his owner Janet Monroe.

"Mr. Belvedere is just not himself right now. It's like he'll fall asleep for six hours but then he's wide awake for minutes on end. I'm really worried about him," said Monroe.

Monroe went on to say that the 4-year-old feline is in perfect health, but she started noticing odd behaviors at the end of August.

"Sometimes I see him just staring at the clock for like 20 minutes straight. He'll doze off for a few hours here and there, but then he's up again looking out the window. He's definitely not getting a solid 16. Maybe 15 hours at best."

Monroe says she has a vet appointment scheduled for next week and has been giving Mr. Belvedere some pet-friendly warm milk to help him relax in the meantime.

She is also reading up on feline sleep apnea and will be having him fit for a CPAP machine next Thursday.

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