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Inspired by Kanye, Facebook also changing name to Ye

Menlo Park, CA - Just hours after it was announced that Kanye West had legally changed his name to Ye, Facebook announced it is also changing its name to Ye.

"If we are nothing, we are trailblazers," said a company spokesperson. "And one trailblazer knows another trailblazer when they see one. Ye is just that. And so is Ye."

It is unclear if Ye will only be used for the parent company's name or if the name will trickle down to the company's products. Some speculate Facebook will become Yebook, Instagram will change to Yegram, and WhatsApp will transform into YeApp.

The artist, formerly known as Kanye, did not respond to our requests for comment, but inside sources say Ye is not happy.

"Ye has no comment, but I assure you, Ye will take this up with Ye directly in the days ahead."

Mark Zuckerberg also did not respond to our requests for comment.

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