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Inspired by man who gave $3K tip, Cracker Barrel regular leaves server extra 63 cents

Lebanon, TN - When a local man decided to surprise a waitress with a $3,000 tip last week, he had no idea that his act of generosity would inspire so many others to also be more generous. Now, stories are coming in across Middle Tennessee of restaurant patrons giving a little extra to their hard-working servers.

One incident happened at the Lebanon Cracker Barrel where a regular customer, Joe Guthrie, left his favorite server, Mary Alice, an extra 63 cents on Sunday.

Guthrie told reporters, "I saw that story on the news and wanted to do something nice for Mary Alice. I know she's in dental school and all. I just hope she doesn't get used to it."

Mary Alice told reporters that Guthrie comes in about three times a week for a catfish plate and slice of pecan pie. "He usually tips around $1.50 so I was surprised to see he had left me $2.13 on Sunday."

Mary Alice went on to say,"Yeah, it's great. If I get a couple more of these I may splurge and pay my mortgage this month. Thanks, Joe."

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