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Inspired by Nashville Hyatt base jumpers, two men parachute off 2nd floor of Motel 6

Nashville, TN - Two Nashville men are in custody this morning after parachuting off the 2nd floor of a local Motel 6. The men, who both sustained minor injuries, say they were inspired by a video they saw online of two base jumpers leaping off the rooftop of the downtown Grand Hyatt.

"We wanted to do it downtown but didn't want to pay for parking," said one of the jumpers from the hospital. "The Motel 6 was free."

Witnesses say the men climbed up on the 2nd floor railing, yelled "Geronimo," and jumped without hesitation.

One witness described the incident to reporters, "Well, the first guy jumped and released his parachute right away. It didn't slow him down, but at least he tried. The second guy didn't get his open at all before he faceplanted in the parking lot."

Both men are expected to make a full recovery but will be facing charges and dental surgery once released from the hospital. Investigators say alcohol was definitely involved.

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