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Investigators blame errant rainbow for local car fire, warn against chasing

Nashville, TN - Local investigators suspect an errant rainbow is responsible for a near-deadly car fire outside of Nashville on Monday afternoon.

According to witnesses, a driver in an early-model Audi was chasing a rainbow when the colored beams strayed from their expected path and set the vehicle on fire. The man escaped with minor injuries and is being treated at a local hospital. The car is a total loss.

Investigators told reporters, "Yes, rainbows are beautiful. Yes, they are magical. But, they can also be deadly. We are begging the public to enjoy them at a distance and do not chase them. There are no pots of gold, only injuries and bodily harm."

Monday's rainbow car fire is only the third reported accident in Nashville over the past five years, but investigators say there is a dramatic increase in rainbow-related incidents nationwide.

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