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Jailed QAnon Shaman refuses to eat unless guards cut crust off sandwiches like mom

Phoenix, AZ - The self-proclaimed "QAnon Shaman" featured prominently in coverage of the Capitol riots appeared in court on Monday to face charges filed over the weekend.

Documents show the horned rioter has refused to eat since he was taken into custody because corrections officers would not cut the crust off his sandwiches like his mom.

His mom also appeared at the hearing and gave the court detailed instructions on how to prepare the insurrectionist's favorite meals.

She later told reporters, "Jakey gets very sick if he even sees crust on his sandwiches. He will literally get physically sick."

The judge said the shaman's refusal to eat was "deeply concerning" and ruled that the pagan protester will be provided only crust-free meals moving forward.

The QAnon believer says he's not worried about his charges and expects a pardon from Trump at any moment.

"I didn't do anything wrong. Now, get me my sammy," said the shaman.

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