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Kazakhstan reporter spotted assisting FBI with raid on Rudy Giuliani apartment

New York City, NY - According to sources, a Kazakhstan reporter was spotted assisting federal agents with a raid on Rudy Giuliani's New York apartment on Wednesday.

Witnesses say the journalist wheeled out a cart full of laptops and placed them in the bed of a yellow pickup truck. Moments later, he sped away in the opposite direction of the FBI caravan. It is now unclear if the man was a legitimate member of the search party or acting independently.

Special Agent Bill Burton, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said they are currently investigating the man and his whereabouts.

"There was some miscommunication. We thought he was CIA. The CIA thought he was FBI. We're looking for him now," said the anonymous agent.

Hours later, an internet search found a half dozen laptops for sale on eBay under the title, "Mayor Rudy's Laptop, Very Nice!" The current bid was 300,000 Kazakhstani tenge (about 700 U.S. dollars).

This is a developing story.

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