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Kim Jong Un strictly bans all mullets after senior photo resurfaces

North Korea - North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un announced that the country has strictly banned all mullet haircuts, effective immediately.

While the leader didn't explain why in his address, many believe the ban is a direct result of his senior yearbook photo that resurfaced over the weekend.

"The Supreme Leader doesn't want any reminders of that yearbook photo, so anyone walking around with a mullet is considered a criminal," said a local Supreme Cuts stylist.

According to sources, Kim Jong Un has gone to great lengths to rid the world of all copies of his high school yearbook, but a local man discovered an original in a North Korean thrift store. He posted the photo on North Korea's Facebook equivalent, Best Korea's Social Network.

We reached out to the man for comment, but family members say he is on an extended vacation and will not be returning anytime soon.

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