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Krispy Kreme warns posting your vaccination card online could lead to idonuty theft

Nashville, TN - Krispy Kreme announced on Monday that anyone who shows their vaccination card at a participating store can get a free donut every day throughout 2021. Less than 24 hours later, the company issued a warning to its customers on social media.

"Krispy Kreme strongly advises our customers not to post pictures of their vaccine cards online in an effort to prevent idonuty theft," said a company spokesperson.

A quick internet search finds "idonuty theft" is the taking of one's identity to steal their free donut.

An expanded search found that reported cases of idonuty theft have increased by nearly 800% since Krispy Kreme announced their offer Monday morning.

Chad Keller is just one of the thousands of victims who have stepped forward to share their stories.

"I took my vaccination card into the store to get my free donut and they told me I had already got my free donut for the day," said Keller. "It wasn't me."

Keller said the only explanation is that he had posted his vaccine card online on Monday afternoon to encourage others to get vaccinated. He believes someone created a counterfeit card and stole his donut.

Krispy Kreme store surveillance cameras show a man displaying a card with Keller's name to a cashier and walking out with a donut. An hour later, the same man appears in different clothing to claim a second free donut. In both instances, the man was wearing a mask and could not be identified.

Security expert Steve Buntman told reporters, "These people work in teams. We busted a ring in Nashville with over 35 members. We confiscated nearly 40 dozen donuts yesterday alone."

Buntman agrees that you should not post your vaccine card online and encourage you to visit Krispy Kreme first thing in the morning to claim your donut before someone else does.

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