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LawnStrowler recalled over 950 safety violations

Nashville, TN - LawnStrowler, Inc. announced on Tuesday that it had recalled its entire line of mower/stroller hybrids over unforeseen defects in its product design.

According to documents, the Strollmower350 and Strollmower400 were pulled from shelves due to 950 safety violations, an industry record.

A representative for the Lawncare Safety Commission told reporters, "The good news is that only one unit was sold, and it was returned unopened once the buyer's wife saw the picture on the box. There have been no injuries, except to the husband who bought it."

Lawnstrowler, Inc. issued a statement apologizing for the defective product and announcing it would divide its company into separate lawn care and childcare divisions.

"While we stand by our commitment to innovation, we understand that a lawnmower/stroller may have looked better on paper. We will do better."

The company is also abandoning its line of lawnmower/pet carrier products.

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