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Lazy Catholic school librarian busted using spell to rid shelves of evil Harry Potter books

Nashville, TN - A local Catholic school librarian was terminated today after surveillance footage caught the man using an Expelliarmus spell to rid the school library of the evil Harry Potter series of novels.

Sources say the librarian was asked to remove the popular kid's books after a school pastor determined human beings were at risk of conjuring evil spirits by reading the children's books. Instead, the librarian took the easy way out by using the popular charm to perform the simple task.

One school administrator told reporters, "He just got lazy. Plain and simple. All he had to do was take a few evil books off the shelf and burn them in the fiery pit out back near the playground. But he couldn't resist temptation. He fired himself."

A school pastor said the librarian's wickedness was further proof that they were making the right decision by removing the books from school grounds. "The former employee in question, whose name we do not speak, has tarnished this school with his cursed behavior. It is clear that the man was dabbling in the wizardly arts portrayed in these nasty books."

In related news, the school advisory board will be meeting later this month to decide if they should also purge the Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne CDs from the school's music collection.

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