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Lazy Olympic torch runner spotted on flight to Beijing

Beijing, China - It has been a long-standing tradition since 1936 that Olympic relay runners carry the ceremonial torch around the world from Greece to the host city of the Olympics.

According to reports, that tradition may have been disrupted when a lazy torch runner was spotted on a Paris flight bound for Beijing, China.

Airport officials are investigating how the runner managed to get the flaming torch through security and onto the flight without anyone noticing. It is also unclear how no one on the flight crew saw the fiery lantern while serving drinks and the in-flight dinner.

It was an airline passenger three rows back who first noticed the torch. She posted on Facebook mid-flight, "Umm. I think one of the Olympic torch runners decided to fly instead of run the 5,000 miles across Europe. How lazy can you get? Sad."

Airport security officials tried to detain the man when he landed in Beijing, but he evaded the patrols. He was last seen on the runway, sprinting towards the Olympic stadium.

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