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Leaking Johnny Cash water tower fixed with help from Depends

Kingsland, AR - When a sharpshooting vandal caused the Johnny Cash water tower in Kingsland, Arkansas, to spring a leak, engineers mobilized to repair the storage unit.

That's when Depend Undergarments stepped up to help the Arkansas community.

A city official told reporters, "Johnny was leaking 30,000 gallons a day, but thanks to Depends, he's dry as a bone."

In a show of appreciation, the city will allow Depend to use the tower to promote its undergarment products through December 2022.

"It's really a win-win. Jonny is happy, the city is happy, and Depends is happy."

The only one who isn't happy is the vandal. He could face a felony charge and a $10,000 fine, but it depends.

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