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Legends Corner busted hiding live band behind giant boombox

Nashville, TN - Legends Corner Bar on Broadway is in hot water this morning after video footage showed the popular honky-tonk hiding a live band behind a giant boombox.

Musicians are currently not permitted to play live in Nashville based on Phase 1 reopening guidelines, but some downtown clubs are finding creative ways to pass off their live bands as recorded music.

Concerned citizen Karen Karenski, who reported the violation, told reporters, "This just goes to show you the great lengths people will go to break the law and endanger others."

Karenski filed three violations on Monday including a honky-tonk dressing their live band up as giant ferns and a saloon hiding their musicians behind a pyramid of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans.

"These criminals are clearly trying to create an atmosphere of fun and music," Karenski said. "But this is not fun and we are not Music City right now. We are No-Music City."

Background image credit: Flickr - Lou Stejskal

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