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Lil Nas X to release orthopedic edition of Satan Shoe for more mature fans of devil

Atlanta, GA - Old Town Road singer Lil Nas X stirred up quite a controversy on Sunday when he announced his collaboration with art collective MSCHF to transform 666 pairs of Nike Air Max 97s into "Satan Shoes." Each limited-edition sneaker will reportedly include "one drop" of human blood.

Countless political and religious figures protested the glorification of the devil. Many protested Nike's presumed involvement (they are not). Still, others opposed the use of human blood.

But one unexpected grievance came from a senior citizens organization, Seniors for Satan, that demanded the singer create a shoe more suited to its members.

So, late on Sunday, Lil Nas X announced he would also be releasing 666 orthopedic editions of the Satan Shoe for more mature fans of the devil.

Seniors for Satan spokesperson Sam Simpson said, "We'd just like to thank Lil Nas for hearing our complaint and moving to include us in his glorious endeavor."

Lil Nas X did not respond to our requests for comment.

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