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Local 4-year-old too cheap to buy dad real card

Nashville, TN - According to reports, a local 4-year-old was too cheap to buy his dad a real Father's Day card so he used crayons to whip out a haphazard design on a spare sheet of paper.

Witnesses say the father raved about the card in front of his son, but later asked his wife, "Really? He couldn't get me a real card?"

A new report suggests this is a growing trend as children across the country have had their allowances reduced or cut entirely due to COVID-19. Others suggest kids are using the pandemic as an excuse to save their money and give half-hearted gifts like homemade cards.

One father was re-gifted his own t-shirt where his 5-year-old daughter used a Sharpie to write "Best Daddy Ever." Another dad had his favorite coffee mug ruined with glued on beads and glitter.

Local dad Craig Stevens confessed, "I know this sounds bad, but I'd rather get nothing. How long do we have to keep this stuff before we can throw it away?"

According to one expert, the answer is thirty years. "You have to keep it for 30 years."

Happy Father's Day!

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